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    Uber's Clean Air Plan will help you get a new car

    One of the most valuable goals of Uber is helping the environment and having cleaner air in future which can be fulfilled by replacing petrol based fuel cars with a full electric car. This issue made Uber offer a plan called “Uber's Clean Air Plan” which is going to be explained in the coming parts. Just note that regarding this plan, you are able to not only save more money by reducing some account, but also it is possible to raise your wage! So, don't miss reading this article.

    This article covers the items below
    · Why is a clean air plan important?

    · What is Uber's clean air plan in detail?

    · FAQs about Uber's clean air plan.

    · Conclusion

    Why is a clean air plan important?

    As it was mentioned, the future of the environment is deeply dependent on the behaviors of the current people. In order to have cleaner and fresher air in the coming year, it is vital to take care of the environment right now by some plans like replacing an EV (electric vehicle) with older vehicles which use petrol as the energy.

    Even if we don’t consider the future of the globe, who doesn’t like to own a car? By this plan you can easily save money and increase the rate of your income that is going to be explained more. All these savings will lead you to collect enough money to buy your own car.

    As a result of this importance, Uber is trying to become the first full electric rideshare app in the world.

    What is Uber’s clean air plan in detail?

    This plan claims that if a driver is using an electric PCO car to join Uber they can:

    1. Receive wages 15% per mile more than typical drivers.

    2. Be free of paying for different daily congestion fees.

    3. Apply for Uber’s clean air fund.

    By these three terms, you can easily save money and get a fund to buy a new car. About the first two issues you can read more in the article of “The complete guide to electric cars for Uber in London” and for the last one we are going to explain it here.

    What is Uber’s clean air fund? How to apply and who can get it?

    Uber will give you a fund to buy a new car as soon as you are eligible for it. Note that this plan (Clean air fund) is currently available in London. If you:

    1. Have an electric PCO car registered as your vehicle on Uber

    2. Are eligible for EV assistant

    3. Placed your order

    Being eligible for EV assistant means meeting its requirements which are collecting at least £1000 in a Clean air plan (the extra 15% you receive should reach £1000) having at least 150 trips in the past 2 months. Note that these are only the minimums which can put you in the list of the orders. The more miles you drive and the more money you gain in Uber clean air plan you can get a higher amount of funds. (The amount of the fund is not clearly determined generally and is calculated for each driver separately).

    If you meet the requirements of this plan, you can simply apply through your profile on Uber.

    FAQs about Uber’s clean air plan
    Here, we collected some FAQs about Uber’s clean air plan to make it clearer for you.

    Can I buy a full electric car with this plan?
    Based on the money you save and the fund you can get, yes it is possible to buy your own electric car.

    Can all the Uber drivers take part in Uber’s clean air plan?
    As long as you are an active Uber driver (you had at least 1 trip in the past 9 months) and meeting the mentioned requirements, you can take part in this plan. In other words, all active drivers are eligible to join this plan.

    What if I am a part time Uber driver?
    No matter if you are working part time or full time, as soon as you reach the minimum requirements, you can participate in the fund and receive it if you are qualified.

    How can I know more about full electric vehicles?
    Here in G&M Direct Hire we gathered a full guide of EVs you can read through this article. We also provided two of the best and most popular full electric cars to hire which are Kia Niro and Nissan leaf.

    Why is Uber doing this?
    As we mentioned, Uber is planning to be the first rideshare app with all cars full electric by 2025. These offers will lead Uber to fulfill their goal.


    Will Uber’s clean air plan be available in other cities of the UK?
    Surely, yes! Although currently Uber provided this plan only in London, it is trying to develop the plan in other cities as soon as possible.

    How can I find if I am meeting EV assistant requirements?
    A new feature on the Uber app will be soon launched which will let you know if you passed the minimum requirements or not.

    When do I receive 15% per mile?
    As soon as you register your electric PCO car on Uber, all the coming trips will be considered by the 15% per mile extra fees.

    Can I get a fund to rent a PCO electric vehicle instead of buying one?
    You can get funds to change your hired electric PCO car, but clearly the amount of funds won't be as much as it is for buying a full electric car.

    Considering air pollution, Uber has provided a plan to encourage its driver to use more EVs and be more environment friendly drivers. The Uber's clean air plan will help you to collect money to buy a new electric car by offering you extra fees on trips, funds, removing congestion fees, etc.

    In this article we tried to completely cover all you need to know about this plan and be one of the eligible to use this plan.